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Editing Concerns

NaNoWriMo was a breakthrough experience for me as I finally sat down and completed a novel that I was not only proud to be finished with, but it was a story I was proud of.

Here’s the problem:  it sits on my desk, unedited.  I have only just finished editing the first chapter.  I thought I could take a break from the story for a month and then come back to it but the writing of it is complete and the mood to edit it has not come yet.

I am forcing myself onward but I am very disappointed in myself for letting it slip this long.

NaNoWriMo recently emailed me, informing me that I could send in my final manuscript and have it judged by the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.  However, my story is nowhere near complete and the deadline to have it sent in is Monday.

I was going to sit down and force myself to complete the story but, after the first hour of grueling editing, rewriting and deleting, I am finding that this story requires, nay, deserves more time than a weekend.  There is too much to be done so I will continue to edit until my bones break but I guess I will be passing the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest this year.  So sorry!

Wish me luck!

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