12 Questions Asked by Goodlife Zen…, Part 2

09 Dec

On Monday, I mentioned 12 questions asked by Goodlife Zen and I only took the time to answer the first 6 of those questions.  This post is the sequel to that post where I’ll answer the last 6 questions.

7. What Kindness Did You Experience?:  a beautiful wife who puts up with my crap day in and day out, my daughter giving me a toy when I was broken down and crying, a friend who has accepted  me unconditionally, a father/boss who has been kind enough to provide me with the job that supports my family.

8.  What Did Others Do for You?:  a friend took time out of their busy schedule to see me when I was up in Orem, a new friend of mine made me feel as if I was the most important person in the world, my wife makes me a delicious taco whenever I want one, my daughter has opened my eyes to how beautiful life really is when you take a moment to stop and look.

9.  What Inspired You?:  watching the ending of Se7en, the life and writings of William Shakespeare, a mistaken phrase about the weather, musicals that are “a bit off” (i.e. Sweeney Todd, Repo: The Genetic Opera!), never beating my great-grandfather in chess before he passed away, a worthless career which I despise and the everyday challenges of the workplace, films and games and TV shows that I can write fanfiction for, the kid who drew me a different picture every day just because he wanted it to be a story, music, jumping on the trampoline with my friends, my life being changed by the birth of my daughter, every dream and nightmare I’ve had that I remember, fairy tales, too many other events in my life to name.

10.  What Made You Feel Good?:  hearing my wife say she loves me, seeing my daughter walk, reuniting with friends who I haven’t talked to in months (or even years), the rough and coarse texture of a puppy’s tongue when it licks your face.

11.  What Made You Laugh?:  every single second of Hot Fuzz, spinning my daughter around in my arms and then watching her try to walk while she’s dizzy, accidentally stumbling upon others making fools of themselves.

12.  What Difficulty Taught You an Important Lesson?:  every difficulty in my life has taught me one thing – how I’ve handled it has made me who I am.

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