My “Bashful” Apology

05 Dec

It’s been 5 days since I last posted on this blog.  For that I am ashamed.  I have done my best to post something daily.  With the stress of NaNoWriMo over, I had no excuse.  I have been sick but I’m afraid I can’t truly use that as an excuse for all 4 days.  In fact, I’m still sick and I’m writing this post right now so that must not be it.

Honestly, I feel overwhelmed with many emotions ever since I finished my November novel, The Shakespeare Formula, Monday morning at 12:05 am.  The novel was 50,064 words and 241 double-spaced pages.  I have to say, this being the first time I’ve ever completed the 50,000 word goal on NaNoWriMo, I am still feeling as euphoric as the moment I typed the last word into my manuscript.  I’m filled with anger, sadness and the greatest joy a man can feel (besides the day I was married and the day I had my daughter).

This post is my very embarrassed and humble apology to the people who have loyally and faithfully followed and read my posts day-in and day-out.  In other words, sorry mom.  I’ll be sure to pick up my daily pace once again.

– Paul Scott


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