Nugget on Netflix Episode 2: Charade

23 Nov
Screenshot from Charade showing Cary Grant and...

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I’m going to need to apologize in advance because I have actually seen Charade before.  If you haven’t, you should.  It’s a classic.

Let me begin by setting the expectation for the film:  It stars the beautiful and enchanting Audrey Hepburn and the charismatic, handsome Cary Grant…not to mention a young Walter Matthau.  The scene begins when Audrey Hepburn, Regina Lampert, meets the dashing Cary Grant, Peter Joshua at a resort where she is none too embarrassed to announce to anyone willing to listen that she is no longer in love with her husband, Charles Lampert, and is planning to leave him.  The reason:  He keeps too many secrets and has told her too many lies.

Charles is killed and Regina learns that her husband was a secret agent wanted by the CIA, who has apparently stolen $250,000 from the United States government.  When she is informed of her late husband’s occupation and the inheritance that she had no idea about, she learns that there are dangerous people in search of the money and they all believe that she is the one hiding it.

Hilarity ensues when her new found friend Peter Joshua is not quite who she thought he was either.  This is a wonderful film and it was very enjoyable to watch it again.  I would highly recommend it.

On my 1-10 scale: 8/10

– Paul Scott

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