Ridley Scott & Russell Crowe Do it Again

11 Nov
Robin Hood and Little John
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I just saw the new Robin Hood film.  Yes, I know I’m about 3 months too late to be writing a review but I’m not paid to write movie reviews so I only do it as often as I can afford to…and I’m a writer, not a doctor.  By the time Robin Hood came out on DVD, I’d received so many negative reviews about how it wasn’t about Robin Hood at all but it was set before the story of Robin Hood.  I figured “hey, so many people that I don’t even know say it’s bad, it must be bad” so I put off watching it until now.

Let me tell you.  There was nothing in that movie that surprised me.  I don’t know what part of Robin Hood everyone else heard but this movie told the beginning of Robin Hood’s legend just the way I’d always heard it.  In fact, I could be wrong, but Ridley Scott directed a documentary entitled The Real Robin Hood which may have been the inspiration to tell the true story.  The movie was excellent, I thought.  It had just the right amount of excitement, romance and story.  The music was heartwarming and the visuals were out of this world.

That being said, I didn’t like Russell Crowe as Robin Hood.  It had nothing to do with his acting.  I actually believe he’s one of the greatest actors this world has ever seen…but, I always pictured Robin Hood as more of a “pretty boy.”  Maybe I’ve just been conditioned to think that way with actors like Kevin Costner, Cary Elwes and a fox playing him in the past.  I would have preferred a more gentle Robin Hood, but I still think he did an excellent job.  He just didn’t look the part.

Well, that is my review of Robin Hood.  Well worth seeing for the 5 of you who haven’t already.

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