Nugget on Netflix Episode 1: 009-1

07 Nov

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I’ve decided to begin another mini-series on this blog entitled “Nugget on Netflix.”  This series will follow my misadventures while playing around with my Netflix Queue and finding entertainment that may or may not be worth looking into.  I’m going to begin with 009-1.

009-1 is a Japanese anime that follows the story of Mylene Hoffman, a cyborg woman who works as a spy for an organization called Western Block.  She’s a talented fighter and has the advantage of copying an idea from the Austin Powers series (machine guns that pop out of her breasts).

The truth is, like many Japanese cartoons, the entertainment caters mostly to the male gender.  Mylene is a female version of James Bond and usually begins each episode wearing nothing but a sheet with a new stranger lying by her side.  She’s a beautiful character and actually has a wonderful back story but I don’t know that it makes up for the over-exaggerated female form and the ridiculous sexual antics she gets herself into.  I believe that all films, books, games, etc… should be respected as art but I also believe that there is only so much adult content you can place into an entertainment medium without justification.

The animation is good and the voice acting is amazing compared to some of the other Japanese cartoons that cross over to American shores.  Also, possibly the strongest point of this series, there was a bold and beautiful soundtrack.

In our “Nugget on Netflix” series, let’s have a rating system.  I think we’ll rate the films/series I watch on Netflix on a simple scale of 1-10.

I believe that 009-1 earned a 6/10.  The show really wasn’t all that bad but stuck very closely to the Japanese anime stereotype, which leaves you feeling a little unsatisfied afterward.

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