Not All of Us are Like This!

05 Nov
Opening Ceremony

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I will stand proudly amongst the geeks and say that I am a hardcore gamer but there are moments that I feel I should hide my head in shame.  I am embarrassed to be associated with some of the others who call themselves gamers.  I play games to relieve stress and have a good time.  Sometimes I play them for hours but not as often as I used to when I was a kid.

At this year’s Blizzcon a young man, now infamously referred to as “The Red Shirt Guy,” stood and asked a question of the developers of the newest World of WarCraft expansion.  I don’t follow WarCraft much anymore so I have no idea what they’re talking about but this kid new the storyline in and out as if it was his own life (and sadly, it probably is).  Anyway, on behalf of all gamers, I stand and announce:  “Not all of us are like this!”

On the plus side, I hope one day that I have dedicated fans who can correct me on my own stories.  I’ll know I’ve arrived at success when some kid tells me that I’ve made a mistake.

– Paul Scott

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